Article: Florence by Mills Q&A

Article: Florence by Mills Q&A

Millie took over Florence by Mills’ Instagram Stories to answer some questions you sent in.

What inspired you to create FBM?

I really wanted to create a brand that inspired everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin and define beauty on their own terms. I struggle finding my place when shopping for skincare and makeup, but with florence, everyone has a place!

What’s your favourite hobby when you’re not on set?

I love taking care of my animals! I also love readong and journaling. I like to spend my other free time with my boyfriend and my family.

What are you most excited about?

Oh thi is a tough question… I am SO excited for all our upcoming launches and one in particular that we have been working on for a while! I can’t say much but I can’t wait for you to see it – you guy are gonna love!

What’s your favourite product?

Oooo I can’t pick just one! Currently I’m loving our spot a spot stickers, plump to it hydrating moisturizer, and true to hue! These products make my skin sooo happy.

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What made you devolp a love for animal rescue?

I have always loved animals, but when I started looking to adopt for myself I saw just how many animals need homes. I thought, I can’t keep them all, but I can use my voice and platform to get their stories out there and do all I can to help them find their forever homes. This has become something I am really passionate about.

Tip to be more confident?

Remember to treat yourself with the same kindness you would to your friends! I always try to remind myself that no one is perfect and I love hyping my friends up and making them feel confident so why can’t we do the same for ourselves? And don’t forget how special and unique you are! xx