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Chapter One - Mad MaxAlmost a year after the events of the first season, a psychic girl with a tattoo identical to Eleven's, marking her as #008, is working as part of a criminal gang in Pittsburgh. Back in Hawkins, Will, Mike, Dustin and Lucas meet a new girl at school, Maxine ("Max") who immediately captures the interest of Dustin and Lucas, while her older brother Billy antagonizes Steve. Mike and Nancy are still dealing with the losses of Eleven and Barb, respectively. Will has been experiencing "episodes", hallucinations of the Upside Down that feature visions of an enormous, tentacled creature. Joyce and Hopper take Will to be seen at the lab by the new head scientist, Dr. Owens. At the end of the episode, Hopper goes home to a cabin in the woods where he lives with Eleven, who is revealed to still be alive
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Chapter Two - Trick or Treat FreakIn flashbacks, Eleven manages to escape from the Upside Down, but is forced to remain hidden in the woods to avoid the government agents. In the present day, the kids prepare for Halloween. Eleven asks to go trick-or-treating, but Hopper insists that she needs to remain hidden. Hopper investigates when pumpkins patches all over town suddenly start rotting. Nancy wants to tell Barb's parents the truth about Barb's death, but Steve insists that it's a bad idea, as the government agents might come after them if they told anyone the truth. Instead, they attend a Halloween party, where Nancy gets drunk and berates Steve until he leaves. Jonathan takes Nancy home. Mike, Will, Dustin and Lucas go trick-or-treating, later joined by Max. During the night, Will has another episode and tells Mike about his visions. Mike admits that he's still trying to contact Eleven. Eleven tries to contact Mike using her powers, but is unsuccessful. Dustin returns home after trick-or-treating, and finds a strange creature in his trash can.
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Chapter Three - The PollywogIn flashbacks, Hopper finds Eleven in the woods and sets up his grandfather's hunting cabin as a place for her to live. In the present, Bob, Joyce's boyfriend, encourages Will to stand up to his fears. Nancy persuades Jonathan to help her on a mission to tell Barb's parents the truth. Hopper asks Dr. Owens to investigate the pumpkin-rotting incidents. Dustin tries to learn more about the strange creature he found, a small, slug-like animal that he names D'Artagnan ("Dart"), and shows it to the other kids at school. Will describes his hallucinations, and they conclude that Dart is from the Upside Down. Eleven leaves the cabin to look for Mike; she sees him arguing with Max and mistakes them as flirting. Joyce discovers an image of Will's vision on the video camera Will carried while trick-or-treating. Dart escapes; Will finds it, which triggers another hallucination. Will follows Bob's advice and confronts the shadow monster, but it forces a shadow tentacle down his throat.
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Chapter Four - Will the WiseJoyce arrives at the school in search of Will; she and the other kids find him on the field in a trance. In the Upside Down, the shadow monster pours a strange substance into Will, then releases him, causing him to wake up in the real world. Hopper and Eleven clash over her sneaking out. Dustin takes Dart home and keeps it secret from the other kids, fearing that they will kill it. Will begins acting strangely, prompting Joyce to call Hopper for help. Nancy and Jonathan go to meet with Barb's mother, but she doesn't show up; instead, they are surrounded by disguised government agents and taken to the lab, where Owens shows them the portal into the Upside Down, and explains that he wants to prevent any foreign governments from finding out about the portal. Nancy secretly records the conversation, including Owens' confirmation of Barb's death, and plans to use it to destroy the lab. Will begins drawing a strange network of curved lines, which Hopper deduces are vines. Lucas tries to talk to Max, but she rebuffs him, as she feels that their group aren't treating her fairly. Billy warns Max to stay away from Lucas. Eleven finds files from the lab in the cabin's basement; she reads the file on her biological mother, Terry Ives, and attempts to contact her using her powers, but is unsuccessful. Dustin discovers that Dart has broken out of its cage and devoured his pet cat, and Dart is revealed to be a baby version of the monster from the first season. Hopper finds an underground tunnel network, which turns out to be part of the Upside Down.
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Chapter Five - Dig DugAfter Hopper falls into the tunnel, he passes out after being exposed to the toxic atmosphere of the Upside Down, and the hole closes up behind him, trapping him in the tunnels. Will has a vision of Hopper and realizes that he's in the tunnels. Joyce recruits Bob to help her, Will and Mike solve the mystery of Will's drawings; Bob deduces that the curved lines Will has drawn represent a map of Hawkins, and they're able to use it to locate Hopper. Jonathan and Nancy go to visit Murray, a local conspiracy theorist, and share their information with him. While Murray warns them that the public will not believe their story, they're able to alter the details to make it more convincing, blaming Barb's death on a release of toxins from the lab. At the arcade, Lucas tries to tell Max the truth about everything that's happening in Hawkins, but she rebuffs him. Meanwhile, Dustin manages to trap Dart in his basement; he's unable to get ahold of any of his friends, so he recruits Steve to help him. Elsewhere, Eleven tracks down her mother, Terry Ives, and is able to communicate with her using her powers, accessing Terry's memories and discovering that Terry was subjected to shock therapy after she attempted to break into the lab to get her daughter back. Joyce, Bob, Will and Mike are able to track down Hopper and rescue him from the tunnels, with the help of the men from the lab; however, when one of the men burns some of the vines in the tunnel, Will collapses in agony.
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Chapter Seven - The Lost SisterAfter communicating with Terry, Eleven realizes that she was in a room with another young girl when Terry tried to rescue her from the lab. After using her powers to find the other girl, she takes a bus to Chicago and finds the girl, who turns out to be the psychic girl from the first episode, Kali. The two girls bond; Kali explains that she has the psychic ability to manipulate people's perceptions and create illusions. Eleven mentally overhears an apology made by Hopper over the cabin's radio. Kali introduces Eleven to the members of her gang, who are helping her to enact vengeance on the people who experimented on her. Eleven joins the gang, and Kali trains her to strengthen her powers. As their first target, they go after Ray, one of the former technicians at the lab, who performed shock therapy on Terry. The gang break into his house and hold him hostage; he reveals that Dr. Brenner is still alive and offers to take them to him, but Kali refuses and orders Eleven to kill him. Eleven begins choking Ray telekinetically, but stops when she realizes that he has two daughters. Kali tries to shoot him, but Eleven stops her, and the gang escape. Kali challenges Eleven to either go back into hiding, or stay and avenge her mother. The police find the gang's hideout, just as Eleven experiences a vision of Mike and Hopper at the lab. Kali uses her powers to hold off the police, allowing the gang to escape; however, Eleven decides to go back to Hawkins to help her friends.
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Chapter Eight - The Mind FlayerIn the lab, the pack of adolescent creatures emerge from the tunnels and overrun the interior of the facility, killing most of the people inside. Mike convinces Joyce to sedate Will, as he's under the control of the shadow monster, so sedating him will remove its ability to track them. Mike, Will, Joyce, Hopper, Bob and Owens are trapped in the lab's security room as the creatures rampage through the lab, and the power goes out. Billy and Max's parents discover that Max is missing, and Billy's abusive father orders him to find her. With the power off, the building goes into lockdown; Bob goes down to the lab's basement to reset the circuit breakers, while Owens monitors him from the security room. Nancy and Jonathan arrive at the lab, where they meet up with Steve, Dustin, Lucas and Max. Bob resets the breakers, bringing the lab's power back online, after which he's able to unlock the doors and the outer gate. The group inside, with the exception of Owens, are able to escape from the lab, but Bob is killed by the creatures. The group go to the Byers home to plan their next move; Mike realizes that the shadow monster is controlling the smaller creatures, the vines, and Will. They reason that if they can kill the shadow monster, everything it controls will die as well. To prevent Will from alerting the monster to their location, they remodel the interior of his tool shed so that he can't tell where he is. Will awakens and initially panics, but Joyce, Jonathan and Mike are able to get through to him, and he taps out a message in Morse code: "CLOSE GATE". Unfortunately, the house phone rings, alerting both Will and the shadow monster to their location. The group barricade themselves inside the house as a group of the creatures arrive; however, Eleven arrives and kills the attacking creatures.
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Chapter Nine - The GateEleven reunites with everyone. They realize that Will wanted them to close the portal to the Upside Down. They determine that since Eleven opened the portal, she can close it. The group decides to split up into three groups. Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Max devise a plan to draw the creatures away from the lab, giving Eleven a free shot at the portal, but Steve refuses. Eleven and Hopper reconcile on the way to the lab. Looking for Max, Billy shows up at the Byers home and gets into a fight with Steve. Max sedates and threatens Billy. The kids and an injured Steve head out to set the central hub in the tunnels on fire, drawing the creatures away from the lab. Jonathan, Nancy and Joyce purge the shadow monster's virus from Will's body by overheating him. Hopper and Eleven enter the lab and descend to the portal, finding an injured Owens on the way. As Steve and the kids escape the tunnels, they're cornered by Dart, but Dustin is able to calm it down long enough for them to escape. Eleven unleashes her full power and closes the portal, stopping the shadow monster. One month later, the lab has been shut down thanks to the tape released by Murray, Nancy and Jonathan; Barb is given a proper funeral; Owens forges a birth certificate for Eleven; and all the students attend the school's Snow Ball. In the Upside Down, however, the shadow monster is still alive, towering over the school.
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