Name Analysis

What does Millie’s names say about her? Are they accurate? All names are not equal. The names you use create your life experiences.


• As Millie you seek change, travel, new opportunities, and new challenges.

• Your active, restless nature demands action and you dislike system and monotony.

• As you are versatile and capable, you could do any job well, although you would not like to do menial tasks.

• Having considerable vision, you could be adept at formulating new, more effective ways of doing things.

• You could organize the work of others, though in your impatience to see the job done efficiently, you would likely step right in and do it yourself.

• You could work well in sales and promotion, and would not be afraid to risk a gamble as the name gives you much self-confidence.

• You do not find contentment in the routine tasks and responsibilities that are associated with home and family or with administrative detail in the business world, so you have to guard against frustration and even moods of depression over your personal responsibilities.

• The restlessness this name creates could find an outlet in caustic, irritable expression.

• Also, the intensity of your nature could result in tension in the solar plexus causing stomach trouble and, because you take your responsibilities seriously you could experience much worry.


• Your name of Bobby has created a practical, responsible, stable nature, and you desire to direct the efforts of others rather than to take order or ask permission.

• You have a determined, self-reliant, capable nature and resent any interference, although in your desire to help you are inclined to become involved in the lives and decisions of other people.

• You like to make your own decisions and to be the master of your domain.

• You feel a limitation in your own expression when it is necessary to reach another through tact and understanding.

• Although you are honest and fair, a directness in speech is a source of much consternation to you, and you often regret what you say.

• You also have a tendency to worry.

• It causes you to be too serious, and interferes with happiness and relaxation that comes with naturalness of expression.

• Health weaknesses centre in the head appearing as headaches, head colds, and eye, teeth, ear, or sinus problems.