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Welcome to Millie Bobby Brown Fan! Our aim is to make this fansite comprehensive while being respectful and supportive of Millie’s career and future endeavors. We will never post any candids, paparazzi, or stalkerazzi photos. If you came here for that, you will be disappointed. We hope to be an online resource for Millie fans of all ages! This fansite is run by two Millie fan girls. We are unofficial and are not affiliated with Millie herself. Take a second and bookmark this site for future visits and be sure to follow us on social media sites twitter, facebook, and tumblr to receive site updates on your feed! – Jay & Elle

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  1. I can’t wait for season 2. I want to ask a few questions.

    How long have been an actor

    What are your political views

    Are you religious

    Can you go to my YouTube channel (Ethan Foster ) with the video call Evidence For Christianity. You will see a person with an old navy jacket.

    Thank you for reading this. God Bless you.
    From your biggest fan,
    And the best of luck,

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