Press/Photos: Millie for Luomo Vogue Magazine

Millie is on the new cover of Luomo Vogue magazine. Check out scans and photo session images from her spread. She looks lovely!

It’s early September and the British actor Millie Bobbie Brown is back in NYC, sat front row at Raf Simons’ sophomore outing for 205W39NYC, his new appellation for Calvin Klein’s runway collection. Hair gelled back in a white silk shift, she’s the spitting image of any Hollywood ingénue, a darling of the fashion scene and a refreshing presence on the red carpet (and silver screen, too). So, what’s the catch? Oh wait, she’s thirteen. Speaking to L’Uomo Vogue just hours before, Brown proffered a keen intellect and inquisitive mind – labeled Generation Z due to the inescapable fact that she was born in 2004.

Her rapid career trajectory saw her shoot to fame in the Netflix phenomenon Stranger Things, a sci-fi drama set in Middle America in which she played the character Eleven – a young girl who escapes from a secret lab facility and develops psychokinetic powers. She’s just wrapped the second season, out October 27th . «We were asked to watch The Goonies, and Stand By Me, and E.T.!» she says, of her preparation for the show, a trip back in time to the analog days of the 1980’s – something she’s never experienced first-hand. «The Duffer brothers lived in Indiana, and they taught us a lot about what the 80’s was about. For me it didn’t feel alien, it felt believable – just very different to my life now. I just couldn’t imagine not having wi-fi! That said, there are a lot of relationships and the sort of day-to-day stuff in the show that we can all relate to: being the odd one out, bullying at school – and the directors really incorporated their own experiences which is what made it so authentic.

Born in Spain to British parents, Brown is home-schooled via internet. «I don’t miss having twenty class mates as friends», she muses, «I prefer to have five best friends who I can turn to at any moment, and bet my life on. Instead I’ve been able to travel with my job. I’ve been everywhere! NYC feels like my second home now, after LA. I’m off to Mexico, Spain, Australia, and Bali – all this year!». At time of printing, Brown has wrapped filming on her first feature film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, slated for a 2019 release. «It has just been so amazing – one of the hardest and most challenging experiences but I have had so much fun with the cast. It’s been such an honor. Especially Vera Farmiga, it’s just incredible to think I can watch so many films and think – oh, there’s my “mother” again! Kyle Chandler is an amazing actor and a great person to work with too, I mean, I think I’ve seen every single episode of Friday Night Lights! O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Charles Dance too – in my book, they are all A-class actors that are awesome to work with, great people, and look amazing on screen».

As for her future, it seems a permanent move towards feature films will be a natural step for Brown, with Godzilla just the tip of the iceberg, with other film genres keenly in her sights. «I love watching comedy and it really interests me to explore it. I also love musicals and singing. Some people are very specific about the characters that they want to play, but I’m at a point in my career where if I like something, then I’m just going to do it».

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